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Reporting for Duty

Posted on Sun Feb 24th, 2019 @ 3:47am by Lieutenant JG David Villalba & Commander Venik

Mission: Episode 1: ...And So it Begins
Location: Deck 1 - Bridge, Ready Room
Timeline: MD01 1015h

The Doctor looked around at all the bridge crew eying him, and smiled. "Good morning," he greeted them, then headed to the Captain's ready room. He hit the chime botton.

Venik looked up from the replicator as his pitcher of water and an empty glass materialized. He grabbed both just as the chime rang, "Computer another glass." He said as another materialized. Just in case the person entering was going to stay, "Enter." The Vulcan man said as a man in a teal uniform walked in.

“Captain, Dr. David Villalba, reporting for duty, Sir.” And thus begins a new phase of his life.

"At ease doctor." Venik said moving to his desk and standing on his side of it setting down the pitcher and glasses, "Please take a seat." He poured two glasses or water and took his seat, pressing a button which rose his computer from the desk. He awaited the doctor to sit and provide his transfer orders.

"Thank you, here are my orders," Dr. Villalba said offering a Padd with his reassignment. He then took a seat and reached for one of the waters. After taking a rather large gulp, he continued, "Wow, thanks, didn't realize I was so thirsty. I'd forgotten how dry the artificial air can be aboard a starship."

Taking the PADD, he reviewed the orders, "I have my ready room's environmental settings, to closer to Vulcan." He didn't lift his eyes from the PADD. "Help yourself to more if you require it." Grabbing the bottom PADD from his stack, he turned it on, "Here are your assignments. Alpha and Delta shift. You will spend one shift as Chief of Sickbay, and the other will be spent doing administrative work. As you are aware, as Chief Medical Officer and a Senior Officer, you will be on call on all hours."

"Of course, I expected as much. It will be a welcome change after teaching at Starfleet Medical for four years. It's just great to be back on a Starship."

Venik nodded, "Being a Starship has it's advantages." Handing the Chief Medical Officer a PADD, he continued, "These are the standing orders for sickbay currently. Continue preparing sickbay for the journey. We will be leaving orbit in two days. Order whatever supplies you need before then, so that they are not delayed."

"Yes, Sir," the doctor answered taking the PADD. He started to stand. "Is there anything else? I'm anxious to meet the members of my department and determine where we are in preparations. Oh, and a sonic shower and a meal would be welcome too," he concluded with a grin.

Venik wasn't going to mention the smell, as Vulcan smell receptors where more sensitive than Human's. "There is nothing else from me Doctor. You are dismissed."

"Thank you," Dr. Villalba said as he turned to leave.


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