U.S.S. Covenant

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A Young Vulcan's Journey

Posted on Sat Feb 23rd, 2019 @ 7:28am by Commander Venik & Soril

Mission: Episode 1: ...And So it Begins
Location: USS Covenant
Timeline: MD01 1130h

As the two Vulcan men walked down the corridor towards the turbolift. There was silence for most of it. The two Vulcan men stepped onto the lift and the doors closed, "Bridge. No stops. Venik Epsilon Xi 06741." Giving his security code, granted the ability to keep the turbolift moving without stopping for any other riders.

"Soril. I have news for you." Venik handed his son a PADD, "Starfleet approved you interning in Engineering like you requested."

Soril took the PADD and read it. Venik could sense the excitement in his son. "Control your feelings."

"Yes father." Soril said as he finished the PADD, "This opportunity will provide me with enough experience to achieve as much knowledge prior to entering the academy."

"That is what the goal is." Venik said as the lift doors opened onto the bridge. The two Vulcan's walked onto the bridge. It was emptier that it had been. The engineers where about done with the refit, and were working on smaller systems throughout the ship. Venik and Soril looked around the bridge.

"It looks efficient." Soril said as he looked around the bridge.

"That it is my son. Shall we continue with the details in my ready room?" Venik asked as Soril as he moved towards the ready room. They both sat down as Venik pulled up his computer, "You will be working under Lieutenant Katrina Engel, she is not yet on board, but she is scheduled to report in today. You will also not receive a commission or a uniform. Wear your work clothing."

"That is logical." Soril said, "When do I report for duty?"

"Lieutenant Engel will assign you to a shift. I am butting in a suggestion for Beta shift, so that you can continue your studies." Venik said making a note in Soril's file.

"Yes sir. Father, I want to thank you for this opportunity." Soril said as he shifted a little in his seat.

"It is only logical, Soril." Venik said as he looked back up, "I must return to my work. You should return to assist your mother in setting up our quarters."

Soril stood up, "Yes father. I will see you at dinner." Soril saluted his father and he left the ready room.

Venik picked up a PADD and continued to do his work, reading reports on the state of the Gamma Quadrant.


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