U.S.S. Covenant

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A Very Logical Family

Posted on Wed Feb 20th, 2019 @ 2:15am by Commander Venik & T'Pir & Soril
Edited on on Thu Feb 21st, 2019 @ 7:36am

Mission: Episode 1: ...And So it Begins
Location: U.S.S. Covenant - Various Locations
Timeline: MD01 1100h

Captain's Ready Room

Another PADD added to the stack. Neatly organized by priority, just as he preferred it. The Vulcan's hand moved to grab the next one on his list. Lifting the dark, bitter cup of coffee to his lips and took a sip. The chime rang at the ready room door, looking up the Vulcan set down his PADD, "Enter." He said. A young woman walked in, she wore a yellow collared uniform with the rank of Chief Petty Officer. "Can I assist you Chief?"

"Yes Commander." She eyed the stack of PADD and guiltily handed him the one she was holding. "Sir a Vulcan ship just dropped out of warp and is moving towards the drydock and it requesting to beam aboard a couple of civilians."

Standing from his chair he nodded, "Yes. Tell them I will await them in Transporter Room 1."

"Yes sir." She stepped aside as the Commander moved past her, "Sir. If I may be so bold to ask..." She paused, "...who are we bringing aboard?"

"My family." Venik said glancing back at her and walked out of the ready room, her foot steps close behind him.

Transporter Room 1

Venik walked into the transporter room and looked at the transporter operator, "Energize on your convenience." With a simple nod, the operator swept his fingers over the console, a blue hum and light filled the transporter room. Five figures appeared on the transporter pad. One adult Vulcan female, a young adult Vulcan male, and two younger children, a male and female. They stepped off the pad and stood before Venik. "Greetings T'Pir, my wife." He held up his hand, extended two fingers, which T'Pir set her fingers on top of his.

"Greetings my husband." She said as she looked at her husband.

"My son. Soril." Venik saluted his son, in the traditional Vulcan way.

"Greetings father." Soril responded saluting back. Soril was 16 Earth years and was working on his application to Starfleet Academy. He would soon send it off and it was Venik's hope that he would get accepted.

The two youngers, Tanik, T'Sen, stood there with their hands behind their back. Tanik, 7, Venik's second son, was already in advanced math, and was wanting to be an engineer. But rather than joining Starfleet, he wanted to work on a Vulcan ship. T'Sen, the youngest at 4, and his only daughter was still in the process of learning to control her emotions. Venik found it honorable to be able to teach her as well as his other children this tradition of the Vulcan people.

"I will show you to our quarters." Venik said escorting his wife, and followed by his children.

A Bolian crewman walked into the transporter room and stood next to the man behind the console. He looked at her and chuckled, "And I thought my family gatherings were awkward."

"Shhh, be nice." She said playfully slapping him in the arm.

Captain's Quarters

The five Vulcans walked into the Captain's quarters. "This will be our home. The children will sleep through those doors. Soril in the left room, and the other two in the right room. We will be in the master bedroom, over here. Your crates will be delivered once they are transferred over from the Sovel. If you will excuse me, I must return to the bridge."

"Very well my husband." T'Pir's hand brushed his, sending her love through it. Vulcan's, being touch telepaths, transferred their bonds and emotions for their families through touch. Venik and T'Pir were telepathically bonded since their wedding, and that same bond was passed to their children. Though they didn't show it outwardly, or express it verbally, they could sense the bond and closeness with one another.

Turning to his eldest son, "Soril. Please accompany me."

"Yes father."

"I will be home for dinner." Venik said as he turned and walked out, his son behind him.


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