U.S.S. Covenant

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Moving In

Posted on Mon Feb 18th, 2019 @ 5:28pm by Lieutenant JG Mikasi Walker & Gunnery Sergeant Jason Evans & Samantha Walker
Edited on on Wed Feb 20th, 2019 @ 2:23am

Mission: Episode 1: ...And So it Begins
Location: Senior Officers Quarters Deck 7
Timeline: MD01 1600h


The shuttle journey over to the Covenant was anything but peaceful, as he tried to read the files that he had been sent about on going actions in the Gamma Quadrant that could be important to the security of his ship and for that matter his family. A small ship like this wasn't exactly the best place to raise a family with such a small civilian count but what choice did any of them really have. Marcus walked along side him his hand clutching to as much of Miki's as he could manage. His boy was nervous, this wasn't the first ship that he had been on but it was the first that would be taking him so far from the home and worlds he knew best of all. Stepping down on to the ships shuttle bay deck he smiled at the approaching petty officer. "Chief." He said politely. He wasn't in his uniform, he'd come across in civilian clothes to avoid accidents with their daughter. One ruined uniform was enough to tell him wearing a uniform when he was around the kids was a bad idea.

"Serg… Lt Walker?" The chief asked Miki offered him a warm smile.

"Second times the charm." Miki said to him getting a nudge from Sam for his efforts.

"I have your quarters assignment here Lt." The chief replied.

"I'll take that." Sam said to the chief with one of her more pretty smiles which drew chuckles from her husbands. "The men can carry the kids." Sam added. "And our bags." She added.

"We are very well trained butlers." Jason whispered in his ear making Miki laugh.

Miki picked up Marcus arranging him on his hip and adjusting the bags on his shoulder so they were in a more comfortable position than before. His sons small head rest on his other shoulder Miki lead the way out of the hangar bay. It must have been he admitted quite a strange site on a ship that didn't necessarily have families in mind to see three adults walking through the corridors with two small children in the mens arms. He didn't give it to much thought as they stepped into the turbolift with another officer who gave them a curious look. His family life had hardly been normal the last few years, not since graduating the academy would he ever consider it normal for that matter. The people he knew and loved on Dorvan V treated him like a stranger for the most part as they did his brother. They did not agree with the two mens decision to enter into Starfleet academy. So first Sam's family had become his own adopted family as such and then Jason's mother had mothered him some more when they had first got together. It was he though the way of the universe, you could not choose the people that you were related to by blood but you could choose your family and the people that you considered to be your family.

"Daddy." Marcus griped.

"Nap time for at least one of them." Miki said to Jason.

"Both of them if you hadn't noticed Mia is asleep." Jason said to him Miki looked over and shook his head.

"How I wish I could still do that, it would make some of the most boring briefings more interesting." Miki said to him Sam looked at her two men offering them smiles.

"When do you need to check in?" Sam asked.

"I have a couple of hours before I am due on the bridge for Gamma shift, I need to check in with the doctor and with the captain before I take my post." Miki said as they got out of the turbolift on their deck and followed the directions of the pad as they made their way to their quarters. Miki thumbed through the padd to find the key code for their new quarters. "Seems they made a couple of allowances for us in our accomodations." Miki said to Sam.

"I may have mentioned that a double wouldn't fit our unique circumstances and that we needed beds for the kids." She said to him as they came to the doors of their quarters. Miki handed her the padd and waited while she entered the access codes. The doors swished open revealing a relatively large set of quarters. A small living room with several doors leading of into other rooms. Home sweet home he thought as he stepped up to the couch dropping the bags of his shoulder onto said couch. "You want to find the beds?" Sam asked.

"I was thinking that, I am lugging dead wait here." Jason said to her with a smile. "He isn't much better." Miki said.

Though the siblings looked very little alike and shared only their mothers genes in common with each other, they were raised with the knowledge that all three of their parents were in fact their parents. Miki being a relative soft touch compared to his partners, he had to be a hard case on duty. The last thing he wanted to do when he got home from either shifts he was assigned to was to be a bad guy to the kids as well.

"Over here." Jason said to him.

"Love can you find the blankies please, neither of them are going to be happy if they wake up and find they don't have them." Miki said to Sam. "His dream catcher should be in my duty bag." He added. Miki had insisted that he wanted his son and daughter to learn about the heritage they got from him. Mia was to young for most of it and because she had no Native blood in her that they knew about would likely be deemed little more than an outsider to the tribes ways. But he wanted her to have an understanding of all of their heritage regardless. Miki slipped into the relatively small room which contained single beds on either side of the room. Jason was already in the process of getting Mia down as he stepped over to the bed intended for Marcus and sat carefully down on the bed once down he laid Marcus out on top of the bed gently bringing his head down to rest on the pillow. Taking shoes and socks of he left the rest as was. Leaning down he pressed the softest of kisses to his forehead and smiled. Offering a small pray for pleasant and happy dreams he looked back to find Jason holding a blue well worn and used blanket other wise known as a blankie to the kids taking the offered item he placed it next to his sons hand then stood up.

"Wont be to long before he will hate this!" Jason said to him Miki offered a smile.

"I'm enjoying it as much as I can for as long as I can." Miki said to him leaning forward to brush a kiss against his husbands lips. "But for the love of god feed me." Miki said to him Jason's rich laughter drew Sam out of their bedroom to see what the mirth was about. "Your husband is denying me food." Miki informed her face lighting up.

"You could use losing a couple of pounds love." Sam said to him.

"Ganging up on me already, it must be Monday." He said causing his two loves to share a laugh.

"Replicated it will have to be, I haven't the time to cook and we don't have anything to cook anyway." Sam said to him.

"A light lunch it is." Jason said.

"Then the two of you can go check in, when you get back i can check in on the lounge and see what i have to play with." Sam said to them both.

"Only if you are not lifting anything heavy missy." Miki said to her she glared at him. "You know the rules, break them and cuddle priviliges will be suspended for one week per offense." He added.

"You are a hard cruel slave driver Walker." Jason said to him.

"And you love me for it." Miki said to him laughing.


Time had very little meaning when you were sleep deprived for one reason or another, as he down a second coffee of the afternoon he glanced at the clock Jason had left a short time ago to check in with his department head and he was due to leave shortly for the bridge and medical to check in with the co and the doctor to make sure all their files had made it to the right place on time. He sat in his duty uniform though his tunic was only half done up and the jacket itself wasn't done up at all.

"When do you finish?" Sam asked him.

"You should be asleep by the time i get off duty." He admitted. Pulling double duty as a department head had its draw backs when one of your partners was on the beta shift. They'd make it work, they always did and it did mean that one of them would be awake with the kids and Sam in the morning while the other was on duty doing what he needed to do. "I'll send a comm to Jase when I'm about done." He added.

"You can send it to me." Sam said to him.

"I dont want to disturb you if you are asleep." He said to her.

"You never disturb me, i just like to know when you are home." Sam said to him.

"And you will." He promised she sighed.

"Comm us both please. You never know one of the kids might be keeping one or both of us up." She said to him he chuckled.

"If you insist." He said.

"I do." She told him. Looking at the chrometre on the screen on the table he stood up, "I should make a move." He told her with a grin. "Don't want to give the captain the impression i am tardy with my time keeping. If you need one of us call." He added leaning down he kissed her then checked on the kids before leaving their quarters. A familiar ache of not wanting to leave briefly passed through him before a sense of duty and the officer he was kicked in allowing him to seperate family from duty for a short time anyway.


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