U.S.S. Covenant

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Inventorying Important Stuff

Posted on Mon Feb 25th, 2019 @ 12:29am by Lieutenant JG David Villalba

Mission: Episode 1: ...And So it Begins
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD01 1115h

Knowing that his son Adam had been in good hands, Dr. Vishalba had made a detour to their quarters after reporting in to the Captain. He had been much relieved to see that their possessions had been delivered allowing him to take that much needed sonic shower and freshen up a bit. He wasted no time, throwing most of his belongings on his bed and scarfing down an energy bar as he quickly dressed.

He entered Sickbay for a second time that day to find it much more in line with his exacting standards. He noticed one crewman on a biobed being treated for an injury to his leg. He approached.

“I’m Dr. Villalba, may I ask what has happened?” he asked the doctor on duty.

The young doctor quickly stopped what he was doing and turned, “Oh, hi Sir, nothing serious. Seems an antigrav unit malfunctioned and caused a minor abrasion to the shin as it dropped to the floor. Nothing broken, just using a dermal regenerator to heal the skin.”

“Yes, looks good. Carry on, we’ll get better acquainted at our first department briefing,” he replied as he headed toward his office.

“Yes, Sir, I look forward to it.”

Just as he turned to go into his office, Adam came bounding down a short hallway that lead to a lab followed by the short nurse with the short perky haircut.

“Dad,” exclaimed Adam excitedly. “Sandy let me take the inventory.”

Ah, Sandy, David remarked to himself. “Yes, that would be Ensign….”

“Ensign Smith, Sir,” Sandy offered.

“Son, that would be Ensign Smith,” David continued.

“Um, Sir, I told him he could call me Sandy. I hope that was okay, and he was so much help. Don’t think we could have finished without him.”

Adam was all grins, “Yeah, it was great, dad. She let me use the Sickbay PADD to record all kind of numbers for stuff…”

“supplies, so we can take and inventory to see what we need to order,” Sandy offered.

“Wow, that’s great. Well, our own inventory has been delivered. Our personal possessions. Why don’t you head to our quarters and get your things squared away.”

“Okay,” Adam sort of moaned. “But what if San…I mean Ensign Smith still needs me?”

Sandy jumped in, “That’s okay, Adam. We got everything done, thanks to you. Go on, get yourself organized.”

After the door to the Sickbay swooshed shut, he turned toward his nurse, “I hope you weren’t letting a twelve year old boy record the official inventory for Sickbay.”

“Naw, he was just putting numbers into columns, the real inventory was being recorded with an electronic scanner that directly recorded it to the Sickbay computer. But he was of help, because after he entered some numbers, he then put the items in their place.” She winked. “Well, Sir, if it’s okay with you, I’d sure like to go grab a lunch in the messhall?”

“Sure, no problem. And thanks for watching Adam,”

“Loved it. He kinda reminds me of one of my nephews. And he really did help put a lot of stuff away,” She added as she started to leave.

“Stuff?” David quickly asked teasingly, ”Don’t you mean important medical supplies?”

But the doors had already slid shut. David headed toward his office to peruse that important list of stuff and get that important supply order ready.


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