U.S.S. Covenant


Captain's Approval

Posted on Wed Feb 27th, 2019 @ 6:24am by Lieutenant JG Jordyn Hopkins & Commander Venik

Mission: Episode 1: ...And So it Begins
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: MD01 1830 hrs

Jordyn was a little nervous as she came aboard the USS Covenant. She knew her captain was a Vulcan, and they are not the easiest of starfleet personal to impress. She hoped her young age, was not going to be an issue for him. She believed in her heart, that she was ready for this assignment as Chief Science Officer, but deep down, she still had her concerns. Deep down, she just wanted the approval of her Captain. And getting that from a Vulcan Captain, was not going to be easy.

She walked onto the bridge, looking the Captain. Since it was her first time aboard, and most of the staff did not know her. She called out, "I'm Lieutenant Jordyn Hopkins, the Chief Science Officer, I'm looking for Captain Venik." Jordyn noticed a duty officer sitting in the command chair. The duty officer told her that the Captain was in the ready room, and pointed to the door. She tapped on the intercom to his Captain's ready room.

"Enter." Venik said looking up from the PADD that he was reading. It was the final crew assignments for the ship. Some of them have yet to report in. The ship was scheduled to leave in two days, they had until then to get on board or they would be left behind. The Vulcan watched as a young woman walked into the ready room.

She walked into the room, trying to portraying a strength of confidence. But deep down, she was intimidated. But she knew she could not show fear or weakness. She walked over to the desk, as she centered herself in front of the desk, she snapped to the position of attention. And in a strong tone, she called out. "Lieutenant Junior Grade Jordyn Hopkins, reporting as ordered sir."

"At ease Lieutenant." Venik said as he set down the PADD. "Take a seat." He said dryly turning his eyes to the computer. Pulling up the screen on the computer showing her personal profile, he looked back at her, "Welcome aboard." He simply said, knowing the Human's liked pleasantries, but as a Vulcan, he would prefer not.

Jordyn took a seat, making sure to keep her posture vertical, and sat near the edge of the chair. "Thank you sir, I am grateful to be given this opportunity to serve under your command." Jordyn said, in her best monotone voice. She did not want to burden her new captain with her emotional excitement.

Venik nodded, "You skills and recommendations are quiet impressive." He pulled up her personal file up on his computer, and then cut straight to the chase. "As a vessel whose primary mission is exploring and discover in the Gamma Quadrant, your role will be beyond valuable and you will have a lot of work to do."

"I'm ready for the workload, Captain." Jordyn said, trying to hold back her enthusiasm. She was looking forward to working under him and serving this ship. And to see what was in the Gamma Quadrant.

"Good." Venik said. Venik could understand her enthusiasm, though she tried to hide it. As a scientist himself, he was looking forward to the exploring and discoveries that they would make. "I suggest getting any supplies you need from the Starbase soon. We leave in two days."

"Yes Sir, my next stop is the labs, I want to get an inventory of what we have. I will coordinate with the first officer, on any supplies I want to get for the lab." She said, trying to keep the conversation going. In reality, she wanted to freak out and scream and release the emotions she was trying to repress. It was hard to hold back her emotions. How did Vulcan's do this, so easily?

"Excellent." Venik said her. "If you need my authorization to prioritize them, inform me and I will provide it. Though the Starbase knows we are disembarking and will get it pretty quick. Is there anything else you require Lieutenant?"

"No sir." Jordyn said, as she waited to be dismissed. She was not lying when she said she was eager to get to her labs. She wanted to make sure, she had everything they needed, before they the station. Easier to get it now, than in deep space.

"You are dismissed." Venik said as the young woman stood to leave. He turned back to his computer, "Lieutenant. There is no need to hide your emotions around me. Though, as a Vulcan I suppress mine, I do not require my crew to. I wouldn't want you to injure yourself." He glanced at her as she paused.

"I'll keep that in mind sir." She said with a small smile on her face. She quickly walked out of the ready room. She felt good about her meeting with the Captain, and it was very sweet of him to say that she did not need to hide her emotions around him.