U.S.S. Covenant

Episode 1: ...And So it Begins

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Mission Info

Status Current Mission
Mission Group Season 1
Start Date Sat Feb 9th, 2019 @ 1:11am

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
Captain's Approval
by Lieutenant JG Jordyn Hopkins & Commander Venik
MD01 1830 hrs Ready Room
Moving In
by Lieutenant JG Mikasi Walker & Gunnery Sergeant Jason Evans & Samantha Walker
MD01 1600h Senior Officers Quarters Deck 7
A Young Vulcan's Journey
by Commander Venik & Soril
MD01 1130h USS Covenant
Inventorying Important Stuff
by Lieutenant JG David Villalba
MD01 1115h Sickbay
A Very Logical Family
by Commander Venik & T'Pir & Soril
MD01 1100h U.S.S. Covenant - Various Locations
Reporting for Duty
by Lieutenant JG David Villalba & Commander Venik
MD01 1015h Deck 1 - Bridge, Ready Room
A New Beginning
by Lieutenant JG David Villalba & Adam Villalba
MD01 1000h Sickbay
A New Command... Logical
by Commander Venik & Vice Admiral Pheobe Samuels
MD01 0700h USS Covenant
Making An Impression
by Lieutenant JG Mikasi Walker & Commander Venik
MD01 - 1800 Hours Captain's Read Room

Mission Summary

The U.S.S. Covenant is departing for the Gamma Quadrant. They are loaded with supplies for a federation colony located a few days away from the Bajoran Worm Hole at warp. Along the way, the crew has time to work out any kinks in the systems and the crew's personnel.

On their way, they pick up a distress call from a freighter. Upon arriving, they are hailed by a female of a species that they have never met before. The Captain sends over an away team to help her get her engines back online. After a few days, they get her ship repaired and they continue onto the colony to deliver their supplies.