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Lieutenant JG David Villalba

Name David Villalba

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 40
Homeworld Earth

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 1"
Weight 215
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Trim, lanky, athletic build


Spouse Elena, Deceased
Children Carolina, 18

Adam, 12


Quarters Room 5|34
Office Location Deck 8
Security Code Villalba Theta Tau 41839
Computer Access Level level 1
Primary Shift; Secondary Shift Alpha; Delta

Personality & Traits

General Overview David has been described by many, including his late wife on more than one occasion, to be a hopeless workaholic. From his perspective he would describe his work ethic as an unapologetic passion for medicine and helping others. Over the years some of his subordinates have commented that he comes across as a perfectionist and is sometimes hard to work with. On the other hand, many more of his patients have given glowing testimonials to his thorough care and wildly humorous dry sense of humor.
Ambitions After taking a four year hiatus from serving aboard starships by teaching at Starfleet Medical, Dr. Villalba is seeking a position that would again take him into space, is first love.

Personal History David Villalba, pronounced Vishalba, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Earth, in 2349. His parents were both marine biologists and during David’s growing up years he found himself dragged all over most South America. One of his favorite places was the time they spent in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego. His dad was doing research on two penguin species found in the Beagle Channel, the Gentoo and the King. But what thrilled David more were the excursions into the Parque Nacional de Tierra del Fuego. For a kid of 10, it was a magical place of twisted wind-swept trees, towering rocky mountain peaks that threatened to slice open the sky, and powerful glaciers with their super huge bergs that crashed into the ocean causing the inflatables to rock wilding in the waves.

Like many families there was some pressure to follow into his parent’s footsteps. And although science certainly appealed to David, it was the science of medicine that captivated his heart and passions. Like most young people he yearned for adventure, and having spent so many nights away from city lights gazing up at incredibly bright stars and wondering what all was out there, it made perfect logical sense to apply to Starfleet Academy upon graduation from High School in Buenos Aires.

After completing his education including Starfleet Medical, he graduated as Dr. David Villalba in 2375. His first posting was to Echelon Station as a medical officer. In 2377 he transferred to the starship USS Independence. In 2381 he received the opportunity to serve as the Assistant Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Tripoli.

In March of 2385 while away on a mission aboard the Tripoli, his wife was tragically killed in avalanche while skiing with their daughter. His young son Adam had been visiting his grandmother in San Francisco and had not witnessed his mother getting buried in a freak spring avalanche. Unfortunately, his daughter Carolina had been only feet away, narrowly missing the wall of snow as it raced down the chute sweeping her mother away. Wanting to be closer to his grieving children, he resigned his posting and took a teaching position at Starfleet Medical. Since his daughter Carolina is now eighteen and heading off to college to pursue her own dreams, and Adam now a middle schooler at the age of twelve, he feels now is the time to again look toward the stars.
Service Record 2375 Echelon Station TF 58, medical officer LtJg.
2377 USS Independence TF 72, medical office Lt.
2381 USS Tripoli ACMO Lt.
2385 Professor Starfleet Medical
2389 USS Covenant, CMO